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ParaphernaliaParaphernalia to Show Off Your Stitchery

I am pleased to offer you several options for period frames, hoops and furniture to show off your stitchery. These pieces are beautifully handcrafted and are exclusive to me. The background images that I have shown for some pieces reflect the era and/or manner of their usage which means that they can be used in subsequent periods of history but not previous.

We have made every effort to make these pieces authentic though a few concessions had to be made to keep them affordable, which was of #1 importance to me. I will be adding other items to this line as time goes on. Please let me know any suggestions that you may have.

#101 - 18th Century Bench

18th Century Bench In an elegant 18th Century environment, this piece is often seen in pairs at the end of a double bed.

However, it holds its own in front of a fireplace, at a pianoforte or, more contemporarily, at a vanity or under a console table as ready extra seating.

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Period: 18th Century
Size: 2" x 1-1/4" x 1-1/2" high

#102 - Footstool with Bun Feet

Footstool with Bun Feet
Your finihed stitchery is mounted to the separate block of wood (with a little padding beneath), then glued to the bottom.

Very easy with a charming end result!

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Period: 18th Century, originally Georgian but became popular again in Victorian era.
Size: 1-1/4" x 1" x 3/8" high

#105 - Queen Anne Footstool

Queen Anne Footstool This is such an elegant piece when enhanced with a lovely piece of stitchery.

It looks fabulous in front of a wing back chair but also next to the fireplace as a child's seat.

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Period: 18th Century
Size: 1-1/4" x 1-1/8" x 1-1/8" high

#107 - Table Lap Hoop

Table - Lap Hoop Pieces such as this were used on bureaus, tables or your lap. There were several variations in the bottom parts.

I chose the tray-type because when accessorized with threads, scissors, etc., it is just wonderful! It also seemed easier for the lady to carry since it has handles. This was a favourite of Bobbie's.

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Period: Mid 1700's
Size: Hoop, 1-3/8" in diameter; Tray, 1-5/8" x 1-1/8"

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