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Give this little beauty a chance! Although not specified in the instructions, you can back-stitch the "dressed" areas of the the ladies ...and they "pop," but in a suttle way ...just so you know.

The colours are maganificent and the background's rich green colours promise a wonderful result!.

Please read through the description below regarding these kits as there have been changes made to them.

These kits include:
- a full-colour, easy to read, colour chart with symbols
- imported silk gauze
- 2 needles
- ample DMC floss, and instructions for stitching and finishing.

Additional to the above-mentioned supplies, you can also select one of two choices of an Ultrasuede® backing to finish the piece and make hanging loops (see below).

Or if you do not want to back your hanging or tapestry, enough Ultrasuede® will still be included to make loops to suspend it from a horizontal pole (which is not included in the kit).

NOTE: For your convenience, stitch counts are given for these patterns in case you do not wish to stitch on the count of gauze provided in the kit. Hence, you can request to stitch the kits on another size count of gauze and the required thread will be adjusted to work with your modified kit. Silk count gauze sizes are 24, 34, 40, 48, 58 and 75. Please make a note in the Comments section of your order form regarding the count of gauze you would like along with the colour(s) for the kit backings from the Ultrasuede colours below.

To determine the finished size, divide the width and height stitches by the count of Silk Gauze you wish to use. For example, if the stitch count is shown as 106 wide by 77 high, on 40 count the finished size would be 2.6" by 2" (106 divided by 40 and 77 divided by 40). If you wanted to use 48 count Silk Gauze then divide by 48 and so on...

The above image will open in a new browser window where you will be able to navigate back to this page or the second page of this section.

On this page you will see a larger image where you can view the Ultrasuede's® colour name and the closest matching DMC floss number.

  Scrolls and Flowers Hanging

Scrolls and Flowers HangingThis pattern was inspired by a very large vintage piece. It is striking as a hanging tapestry but if worked on small gauze in silk thread it would be suitable for a pillow. I can also see it as a great game table top.
Worked on #40 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 1.7" W by 1.6" H
Stitch Count: 68W x 65H

  Family Crest Hanging

Family Crest HangingThis tapestry/hanging will lend a touch of elegance to your ancient castle or to your present-day den, library or playroom. It depicts three crowned lion heads on a shield with an opulent crown at the top.

The colours are primarily brown, golds, rusts, green and blue on a pale pumpkin background.
Worked on #40 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 2.4" W by 2.9" H
Stitch Count: 95W x 115H

  Bear and Balloon Hanging

Bear and Balloon HangingHang on tight and watch out for all those bees! Doesn’t your nursery or child’s room need a little perking up? This little piece is the answer.

The colours are primarily browns, blues and white for the puffy clouds.
Worked on #48 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 1.5" W by 1.8" H
Stitch Count: 60W x 70H

  Noël Tartan Hanging

Noel Tartan HangingHow festive this small tapestry will be in your miniature home. It is a companion to
A green, gold, red and white tartan surround a large spray of holly and berries. If you chose, you could substitute the word Noël with your family name or Merry Christmas or whatever you desire.
Worked on #40 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 2.1" W by 2.3" H
Stitch Count: 85W x 94H

  Holly Hanging

Holly HangingHere is another holiday hanging for your decorating.

The colours are reds, greens and off-white.
Worked on #40 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 1.5" square
Stitch Count: 58W stitches square

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