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Kits for Beginners

These kits were created with the novice or beginner in mind. If you have never done needlepoint before or have never stitched on silk gauze before or have never worked on counts1 this small, then these kits are for you! The purpose is to introduce you to the joy of petitpoint. These kits contain much more extensive information and detailed instructions than the regular kits. The patterns have been kept simple so even if you haven't stitched from a chart before you will not be overwhelmed.

The kits include:
- an easy-to-read chart with a symbol in each colour-coded square
- imported 100% silk gauze
- ample DMC embroidery floss
- 2 needles
- complete stitching and finishing instructions.

1NOTE: The count refers to the number of stitches per inch, i.e., 24 stitches to the horizontal inch and 24 to the vertical inch which equals 576 stitches in one square inch. Commonly, all stitching fabric is referred to in this manner, be it canvas, cross-stitch cloth, linen or silk gauze, congress cloth, etc.

  Morning Glories Rug

Morning Glories RugThis is the easiest of the three patterns but makes up into a beautiful little rug that is great for the kitchen, bath, bedroom, foyer or hallway. The colours are blues, pinks and greens with touches of yellow on an off-white background.
Worked on #24 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 3.3" W x 1.5" H
Stitch Count: 79W by 37H

  Fence Welcome Mat

Fence Welcome MatThis cheerful little rug is worked primarily in greens, pink, blues and off-white with touches of violet and yellow.
Worked on #24 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 2.5" W x 1.4" H
Stitch Count: 59W by 34H

  House Doormat

House DoormatThis sweet little doormat is worked primarily in greens and blue with pink, browns, violet and off-white.
Worked on #34 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 2.2" W x 1.3" H
Stitch Count: 71W by 42H

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